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Perhaps encouraged by popular television shows like "Trading Spaces," it seems as though members of the real estate community and the general public have focused on the interior aspects of home design. Still, as the first thing that people see and the substance that supports the overall construction, exteriors are an integral design element. Now more than ever, Hy-tech construction builders are looking for ways to enhance exteriors while at the same time setting them apart from the pack.

You might have noticed that Hy-Tech construction developments are trying to move away from uniformity. Especially since space tends to be limited (and therefore significantly smaller), builders are trying to make sure that new houses aren?t identical. More emphasis is being placed on individuality, creativity, and character in housing exteriors. Everything from architectural style to variance in materials (brick, wood, and even roofing materials) is encouraged.

Garages are a new area of concentration for many developers of Hy-Tech new constructions. While garages have always been a standard accessory for high-end homes, more and more thought is being devoted to making them aesthetically pleasing and as comfortable as possible. Many of them are including extra space for third and fourth cars. Also, the interiors are thoughtfully designed with the comfort of the driver in mind; heating, lighting, and ventilation are all being revisited and improved upon in dramatic fashion. In recent days, builders have guided more towards making the exterior more pleasing to the eye. Designers are lavishing extra attention on doors that are attractive, as well as, functional.

Similarly, outdoor pools have long been a standard accessory for high-end homes, but they are also receiving increased attention from builders of Hy-Tech new constructions. Organic, flowing shapes with soothing waterfalls are accelerating in population. Similarly, all features that make the poolside feel more earthly and natural are being explored.

Of course, a keen eye will also be put toward professional landscaping, which provides the manicured touches to the grounds of any home. Many yards are groomed to facilitate the practice of sports and other recreational activities. Additionally, garden design is moving away from lavish floral arrangements to more practical (but still beautiful) herb gardens. Flowers are still common, but species that require less intensive care are becoming the standard for families who like to spend time with their hands in the dirt. Large trees are grown both for beauty and privacy.